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August 4th, 2004

(no subject) [Aug. 4th, 2004|12:35 am]
spray us with your shit...


[mood |awakeawake]
[music |chemlab-suture: chemical halo]

while i was in japan, in shop class

i used my teachers arc-welder to totaly fuck the hell aüt of this muffler...haha

i put a candle in the exaust pipe to get that glow...

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cover art for a bootleg compilation i stitched together. [Aug. 4th, 2004|01:30 am]
spray us with your shit...
[mood |productiveproductive]
[music |Attrition : acid tongue. new mind remix]

this is the cover to a compilation i made called Fragmentary Clockwork.  i made it mostly so i'd have a place to put the remix ov attrition's 'second hand' that dogulas sent me.  i made the cover by scanning parts ov a perpetual motion toy clock, filtering the backgeround onto brown, and typing/fucking the text then importing it and stitching it together.  ALL work was done in MSpaint, 'cause i'm ghetto like that.
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